Listings with a ??? by them, are not confirmed, and may not have phones or cable access. These are listed as truck stop locations only. Many are from sources that say there are data ports, but I have no details of where or what they are, or if they are for truckers use only. Confirmation of data ports and locations is requested.

TEXAS (map)

North East
I-20, exit 533, The Hot Biscuit Restaurant–most jacks don’t work (those w/red dots), some are flakey, but a few work ok
I-20, exit 472–Just south of DALLAS–Flying J truck stop–???
I-20—Weatherford Petro—Phone in restaurant at counter come off.
I-20, exit 386 at US183. Restaurant at Chevron has phones in booths that come off wall.
I-35, exit 308(?) south of Lorena — Love’s w/3 phones with data ports in snack bar.
I-35, exit 343–Just north of WACO–truck stop W/lounge, T.V. W/TWC,
I-30 near HOOKS west of TEXARKANA–Hooks Truckstop (Texaco) Phones in restaurant come off the wall.???
I-30 west, Exit 54 On left hand side of road. near DALLAS–TA–???

North West
I-27 at Loop 335, S. of Amarillo on East side of freeway – Love’s w/phones at booths
I-20 Exit 277 (west of Abilene) – Flying J Travel Center: phones with data jacks in drivers lounge (restaurant phones had no data jacks and would not come off wall).
US-84 at US-180, near Snyder—Rip Griffin, phones in restaurant come off wall.
I-40, SW corner of I-40 and 83–In SHAMROCK–Table phones in a lounge area with two TVs that can be turned to TWC. People there know chasers and don’t mind us there.
I-40 near Amarillo T/A Truckstop Has 2 phones with data port. Regular phone is easy to disconnect. the phones are in the restaurant. Also, the Truckstop is across from the Big Texan along I-40 in east Amarillo.
I-27, near New Deal, just N. of Lubbock—Texaco truck stop with 3 tables with a phone AND a plug for a modem in the SUBWAY.
Also, near the soda fountain in the main store they have two computers hooked up to the Internet.
US-287, FM2393, Jolly, TX – Total Truck Stop – phones in restaurant are removable

South West
I-20 Exit 12–Odessa–Warfield Travel Plaza–phones come off wall in restaurant
I-10, exit 37–EL PASO–Exxon with data links on some phones in restaurant and in phone booths.
I-10 Exit 465 Segovia – truck stop has phones in restaurant at tables that unplug.
I-20, exit 42 (U.S. 285)–Flying J near Pecos–Has 4 booths in Lounge area w/unpluggable phones.

South East
I-45, exit 50–HOUSTON– has hookups in the Wendy’s inside the truck stop.
I-10, exit 582–pilot, East side of San Antonio–Many data ports in restaurant.
Beaumont Petro Laptop plug-in at non-smoking area of dining room.–???
I-35, exit 303 or 306–Conoco restaurant has table phones. Open 24 hours.

South East
I-35, exit 15–Just west of MARIETTA–Table phones in the Subway restaurant.
I-35, exit 72–Pauls Valley–Table phones in A&W; restaurant.
I-40, exit 231–East of OKEMAH–Cowpokes Cafe–Phones at booths.

South West
I-40, exit 20–Flying J truck stop. Phones in booths in restaurant, AND a computer room with 3 “booths” with outlets. Also has a 20 cent per minute internet machine. (Brand new (2001) place very nice and clean.)
I-40, exit 26–North East of SAYRE–TA truck stop???
I-40, exit 25 or 26–North East of SAYRE–Has phones–Truck stop with a Carls Jr. inside.
I-40, exit 41–Loves gas station has a Subway w/ phones at booths.
I-40, exit 84–Texaco, and a Shell truck stop???
I-40, exit 142–near OK CITY–TA Oklahoma City West, phones with data jacks at tables in restaurant
I-35, exit 127–near OK CITY–Pilot Travel Center–???

North West
Hwy 281–The Ampride in ALVA–has table phones and a DTN terminal. Unknown exact location.

North East
I-44, exit 222A, QT, phones with data ports in Wendy’s restaurant.
I-44, exit 283–Just south of VINITA–truck stop W/phone jacks, T.V. W/TWC
I-35/I-44, exit 137, Love’s Travel Stop, phones at tables in convenience store.
I-35, exit 157–Guthrie–Subway shop in the Love’s Travel stop has two data ports with electrical outlets. (No truck services at this location, so it’s pretty much left to chasers!!)
I-35, exit 186—Perry Exit. Conoco on west side, phone jacks in restaurant, and jacks in drivers lounge in convenience store.
I-35, exit 203–Conoco truck stop???
I-35, exit 214–Phillips 66 truck stop???

KANSAS (map)

North West
I-70, exit 192 — Bunker Hill–truck stop with phones that unplug
I-70, exit 159–In HAYS–truck stop W/phone jacks, T.V. W/TWC
I-70 at mile marker 17 (hwy 27)Texeco truck stop has phones in restaurant.
I-70 at mile marker 17–Goodland–Total Gas–jacks in A&W;
US-50–Syracuse–Conoco station in town has one booth with an unpluggable phone

North East
HWY 81 just north of Concordia–Texaco w/ phones by 3 booths. (Looks new and clean)
I-70, exit 252–In SALINA–Bosselman’s– Phones in restaurant
I-70 exit 295 JUNCTION CITY – Sapp Bros. truck stop. ???

South East
I-135 exit 14–Conoco truck stop???
I-35, exit 155–East of EMPORIA–TA has 16 phones in restaurant with data jacks built in and also has 14 phones that can be taken off and the jack used for computers around truckers counter.
I-35, exit 127A–Flying J truck stop???

South West
Hwy 27 and 96 in Tribune–data ports in truckers lounge, which can be accesed by chasers. Right across from bathrooms.
US-54–W. of Liberal–Total on S. side of highway–booths with unpluggable phones

South East
I-43, exit 107–in BELGIUM–Restaurant with phones at booths.
I-94, exit 322–near OAK CREEK–???

South West
I-90 I-94, exit 108–near PORTAGE–Petro Restaurant with phones at booths.
I-90 I-94 exit 69, Mauston–Pilot Travel Center, phones in Wendy’s (48000 bps connection). Had TWC on TV, too.
I-94, exit 116, Black River Falls–Flying J – phones at tables.

North West
I-94, exit 59, West of Eau Claire–Citgo/Burger King at US-12. Some phones work better than others (24000 bps)

IOWA (map)
North East
I-35, near mile marker 214–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-35, exit 194–Clear Lake, Concoco with phones in Subway restaurant.
I-35, near mile marker 122–rest stop with DTN machine.
North West
I-29, near mile marker 139–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-29, near mile marker 110–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-29, near mile marker 89–rest stop with DTN machine.
South West
I-680, near mile marker 14–rest stop with DTN machine.COMING SOON
I-29, near mile marker 75–rest stop with DTN machine.
US-59 and Iowa-39, Denison, Ampride with a DTN machine with keyboard (access to various information).
I-29, exit 75–Taylor Quick Pik (Texaco) – one table with phone in convenience store.
I-80, exit 1B–Just east of OMAHA NE–Sapp Brothers–???
I-80, exit 1B–Just east of OMAHA NE–Pilot Trav. Center–???
I-80, near mile marker 20–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-80, exit 40 (US-59)–Wings America Truck Stop. Phones in restaurant, some have good connections (14400 bps), some do not (4800).
I-80, near mile marker 74–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-80, near mile marker 120–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-80,I-35 Exit 125 or 126 Flying J has data ports on phones in driver area by gameroom
I-80, exit 126–NW of DES MOINES–???
I-80, exit 142A–NE of DES MOINES– Bossellmans has phones in booths
I-80, near mile marker 148–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-35, near mile marker 95–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-35, near mile marker 31–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-35, near mile marker 4–rest stop with DTN machine.

South East
I-80, near mile marker 180–rest stop with DTN machine.COMING SOON
I-80, exit 191–Fuel Mart truck stop???
I-80, exit 201–Texaco truck stop???
I-80, near mile marker 206–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-80, near mile marker 231–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-80, near mile marker 270–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-80, Exit 284 About 10 miles NW of Davenport. TA ???
I-80, near mile marker 306–rest stop with DTN machine.
I-380, near mile marker 12–rest stop with DTN machine.

South East
I-80, Exit 237, HWY 283–Kirks truck stop???
I-80, Exit 248, Overton Amoco, phones at tables in diner
I-80/US-183, Exit 257 Bosselman’s – phones at tables in Subway restaurant, also has computer with Internet access – takes credit card or insert $1.00 per three minutes.
I-80, Exit 263 near Kearney, Sapp Bros. Restaurant has an area with phone jacks, sectioned off for drivers, but we can use it as well. Also has 4 phone booths w/data ports.
I-80, Exit 300–Bosselmans truck stop–???
I-80, Alda Rd. Exit, mile marker 305–TA Grand Island West–???
I-80, Exit 312 near Grand Island, Bosselman’s–phones in Aunt Max’s Restaurant
I-80, Exit 353–Petro Truck Stop–Iron Skillet Restaurant has Driver section with jacks at tables,but we can use it also
I-80, Exit 353–Sapp Bros. truck stop. ???
6001 Cornhusker drive in LINCOLN – Sapp Bros. truck stop. ???
I-80, Exit 395 west of Lincoln, Shoemakers – Phones at booths in restaurant
I-80 exit 432 (hwy 31) Flying J. Phones at booths in restaurant.
I-80, Exit 440, south of Omaha, Sapp Bros???
South West
I-80, exit 107–South of BIG SPRINGS–Bosselman’s Has plug ins installed in the phone booths.
Hwy 71 just south of Scotts Bluff. Citgo has TWC on in truckers lounge.
I-80 exit 126 south of Ogallala. (Hwy 61) TA truck stop with phones at booths in restaurant.

North East
US-20/US-275–O’Niel–AMPRIDE, east side of town–jacks at tables on left side of building
HWY 30 near COLUMBUS – Sapp Bros. truck stop. ???
HWY 77 near FREMONT – Sapp Bros. truck stop. ???

North West
US-20, Ainsworth Airport, 6 mi west of town, DTN station in airport terminal with public access w/hardcopy capability


I-55/74 milemarker unknown (west of BLOOMINGTON by all the other gas stations) T/A has removable phones in the restaurant. Also travel store usually has TWC on.

I-74 near mile marker 61, about 15 miles se of Galesburg. Rest stop with DTN.

I-55 Exit 145 About 10 miles SW of Bloomington. Dixie Trucker’s Home ???

Unknown which highway, but near Peru, the Sapp Bros. truck stop has phones that unplug at the booths.

I-39 at exit 99 near Rochelle. The Petro has installed new phones in the phone area that have phone jacks on the side. The phones in the restaurant can also be removed.


I-55 exit 82 South of Springfield. Auburn Travel Center has phone jacks in the phone area at the fuel island to connect to. There are also removable phones in the restaurant next door, the Truckers Homestead.

I-57/70 Exit 159 Petro, north of Effingham. Wall phones can be easily disconnected.

US-34/US-385 Wray — AMPRIDE – phones can be removed from wall in conv. store.

I-70/Exit 28 Oak Grove – TA Travel Center – phones at booths can be unplugged
I-29, exit 110–Rock Port Truck Plaza (Amoco) – Phones in convenience store at tables.
US-71 and US-160, Lamar Travel Plaza (Conoco) – Phones in convenience store at tables.
I-35, exit 61–Texaco truck stop We confirmed that there are three phones in the area near men’s restroom – phones come off wall. Good connections (44000 bps).
I-35, exit 61–Texaco truck stop???
I-35, exit 106–Phillips 66 truck stop???

US-231/I-70 Exit 41 Cloverdale – Truck stop on SW corner – phones on wall can be unplugged
I74 east of Danville, IL, exit 4 (US41, IN63), Pilot truck stop has 4 pay phones with modem jacks and NWSR playing at the fuel desk.

I-80 Exit 401 – Pine Ridge AMPRIDE – phones can be removed from wall in conv. store
I-80 Exit 370 – CHEYENNE – Sapp Bros. truck stop. ???